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Meet the Team

K.P. Sasi (Karivannoor Puthanvettil Sasi)

is an Indian film director and Cartoonist. He started experimenting with films on 8mm during the early eighties. He is a compassionate about people and films. He is has make documentaries, short film documentaries and feature films. His films have been screened and awarded at several national and international film festivals.

Participation of Films in Festivals

Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India, Montreal World Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival , Festival of 3 Continents, Nantes, Toronto International Film Festival, Sydney International Film Festival, Okomedia International Environment Film Festival, International Environment Film Festival, Turkey, International Rural Film Festival, France, Cape Town International Film festival, Kerala International Film Festival>Environment Film Festival of India, Delhi, Prakruti Film Festival, Mumbai International Documentary Film Festival, Munich International Film Festival, Swaralaya International Film Festival, Freibourg International Film Festival, Karnataka International Film Festival, CMS Vatavaran Film Festival, MIFF, Mumbai, Fourth National Short and Documentary Film Festival, Karim Nagar, VIBGYOR, Script 2011, Globale Film Festival,Berlin,Germany, SIIRRETYT-Displaced, Helsinki, Finland.


Best Documentary Award, 3rd Swaralaya International Film Festival, July 2006, Best Film Award, International Rural Film Festival , France, Special Jury Prize, International Environment Film Festival, Turkey, Bronze Award, Global Video Festival, Copenhagen, Best film Award, Enfest, Best film for Forest For Life, CMS Vatavaran, Second Best Documentary Film, Fourth National Short And Documentary Film Festival, Best Music Video Award,Kerala State Film Academy 



Divya Yogesh Bhatt

A  film maker with over 10 years of experience in the Film Making space. Over a decade in the Corporate sector. 25 years of experience in Performing Arts and field of NGO’s/ Not for profit business connected with health and education. She is also a founder member of ADONAI FILMS-RIVERS IN THE DESERT –  was begun with the sole purpose of serving Christ. The Trust is dedicated to spread the Love of The Messiah of mankind, by taking the Gospel of Christ through various genres.http://theadonaifilms.org/about/