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Our Showreel 

We also work with artists to promote their artwork.

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Some of our productions

Rock On 

A Unique Platform Branding Individuals. 

Music Video

A managed country resort.


Folk Artist in Corona Days

During the lockdown in 2020. We meet a few traditionally dressed Rajasthani women begging in streets. They were from families of folk artist’s- wedding planners and puppeteer’s. The men folk were out of work during covid times and the women of the house had come down to beg on streets to meet their ends. We made this film to gather help for the families and we were instrumental is raising rations for the whole community for several months through the film.

Patchwork Livelihoods

Corona had caused havoc in people’s lives not to mention that it had brought the folk artists to nothing. Therefore we had to find a source of income to help them. The women folk of the Rajasthani Folk Artist’s make patchwork rugs ( Gudries) at home. We started a project to support the sale of patchwork rugs through Adonai Films – rivers in the desert (Trust) The gudries made by women were donated to the children’s shelter. 

Jamanalal Kaniram Bajaj Trust – The Light of the Lamp

Jamnalal Kaniram Bajaj trust is situated at Sikar, Rajasthan. It was formed in 1963 with an objective to develop Kasi Ka Bas villages in Sikar district. The activities are focussed on the individual development which in turns leads to overall development of villages in Sikar district.
To know the contributions of the Bajaj group click below

Film: The Light of the lamp

Sankalp Awards

India’s most prestigious Social Enterprise awards, Sankalp Awards have sourced over 450 sustainable enterprises, enabled 200 mentoring connections and facilitated over USD 120Mn of equity investments into more than 30 enterprises. Vetted through a rigorous 3-month process by a panel of global investors, the Awards bring recognition to the most sustainable and scalable social enterprises that are doing business across India.

12 short films for the Sankalp forum click below.

Film: Sankalp Awards

Loyola Industrial Training Centre a Light to the path of hundreds of youth

How an education center, started in 1992, has given hundreds of stigmatised school drop-outs a fresh start in life and a new dignity in society.Learn as we did, how this Jesuit family has integrated modern technology with innovative ideas, and helped impart a vocational education to these youngsters, thus carving them a secure future. And appreciate as we did, how collaboration with several important industries has fuelled the Jesuits efforts towards achieving their goals, and that of their students.

So, join us as we share with you how Loyola Institute of Industrial Training helps youth realise their dreams.

watch video   Loyola Institute of Industrial Training 

Films by K. P. Sasi our Communications Director

Glimpses of TISS

As the name suggest’s it’s an introductory film on Tata Institute of Social Sciences directed by our board member renowned film maker K. P Sasi.


Ek Alag Mausam

1998 Hindi feature film Ek Alag Mausam‘,[8] on the human rights violations of the HIV patients in India. The film is directed by one of our board members K. P Sasi scripted by Mahesh Dattani and the main cast includes Nandita Das, Rajit Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Renuka Shahane and Bharat Gopi.